Matrix Serbicae

On the occasion of its 190th anniversary, Matica srpska invited artists to create art pieces on the subject Beehive. Beehive surrounded with bees was adopted as logo, since it is a symbol with universal meaning, and because it was published next to Matica srpska name in Serbskom letopisu in 1824. Since then, beehive was redesigned few times, but it maintained as a permanent emblem throughout Matica’s history.

Together with Mileta Prodanovic, we did animation that begins with beehive, but instead of bees Cyrillic letters are flying away from beehive. Those letters form famous quotations from Serbian literature by Crnjanski, Vinaver, Andric, Matic, Kis, Popa… Sound of bees recorded by Ratomir Kulic. Animation and prints are now in permanent collection of Matica srpska.

Frame from our animation was chosen for exhibition poster and catalogue cover:

Screen grabs: