Generative Fantasies: 101 Compositions

This could be a follow-up to Herbert W. Franke’s finding of interesting connections between Constructivism and Generative art, where at first, technological limits allowed only simple line drawings, based on fixed proportions, and later were extended by the use of random generators. Constructivism, as an art movement, sought to depict modern civilization, the symbiotic relationship between technology and art, industrialization, and urban spaces. Iakov Chernikhov (Яков Чернихов), an architect and graphic artist, was one of the influential figures in Constructivism. He extensively used the two-point perspective with an observation point below the ground in his drawings.

In this (my) exploration of two-point perspective, random, colorful, and glassy constructions visual resemblance to Chernikhov’s oeuvre is inescapable. Therefore the title is a play on the original title of his book Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions in Color, 101 Architectural Miniatures from 1933.

Released on fx(hash) in October 2022.
Edtion of 101.