Finity Pool

“Finity Pool” is a generative art exploration where I delve into the intricacies of dithering techniques, weaving infinite animations with soft movements, fake depth, and smooth color changes.

I began this creative research with the dithering in knitting patterns, so very similar to pixel art with all the restrictions, while simultaneously drawing parallels to the constraints, rules, and limitations inherent to the generative art at the algorithmic level. The short history of the digital world suggests that the constraints of display technologies imposed limitations, all digitalization processes resulted in the loss of data, and shifting from infinite resolution to finite, lowered resolution. Yet, these limitations are not solely inherent to digital technologies. Weaving is often referenced in some ways as the predecessor of programming, but numerous crafts that predate computers implement a form of “pixelization.” For instance, cross-stitching, patchwork, knitting, and mosaics all employ a similar technique to reduce the resolution by constructing simplified and stylized images using small colored square units. Furthermore, the dissemination of patterns for those crafts and the adherence to instructions are very similar to the practices we employ in generative art.

Self-imposed limitations, rather than technology-imposed limits, became a new field of creative explorations.

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Press SPACE for new variation, press S to save frame.

Finity Pool is part of The Pixel Generation, an online exhibition presented by Unit London and Right Click Save.