The process is genuinely simple. I already had Hahnemühle paper in natural white, suitable for intaglio printing. So I cut it into 30x30cm pieces. I had to buy a PVC sheet in 0.5mm thickness, but all other tools I had laying around. I printed chosen template, transferred it to PVC, and "quickly, easily and painlessly" cut it out. Next time I will have more time and send files to the laser cutter in the local maker space.

After that, everything is pretty simple. Find press at the Faculty, put wet paper over the template, and press. The results are visible right away. I also experimented with PVC larger than the paper size, and also smaller - that's why I have to results. Now I just can't decide which one I like more.

The Final Result

This project is made exclusively for SableRaph's Creative code challenge on "non-computer" topic.

Aleksandra Jovanic - October, 2021.