The generative art project “Daemons” examines the phenomenology of visual perception, which is unique to each individual. It also pays homage to Herman Rorschach’s inkblot tests, famous in cultural context, but also not so reliable in psychology.

At the beginning of his practice, Rorschach was interested in studying how people see and perceive things. His main point was that the mind, whether asleep or awake, transforms things symbolically. Furthermore, the notion that we connect to things visually, closely relates to both psychology and abstract art. Symmetry was also crucial for him because it produced necessary artistic compositions, somewhat stereotypical responses, and the ability to comprehend entire scenes.

In my generative animated “inkblots” people saw flowers, lobsters, and mechas, while I mostly saw daemons. What do you see?

Before the mint on EditArt.xyz change slider for variations in the length of the spikes, composition, shape of spikes, number of streaks & color combinations.

Date of release: 4/28/2023, 2:00:00 PM at EditArt.xyz
Edition size: 100