Category: DESIGN

  • Finity Pool

    Finity Pool

    “Finity Pool” is a generative art exploration where I delve into the intricacies of dithering techniques, weaving infinite animations with soft movements, fake depth, and smooth color changes. I began this creative research with the dithering in knitting patterns, so very similar to pixel art with all the restrictions, while simultaneously drawing parallels to the…

  • Generative Fantasies: 101 Compositions

    Generative Fantasies: 101 Compositions

    This could be a follow-up to Herbert W. Franke’s finding of interesting connections between Constructivism and Generative art, where at first, technological limits allowed only simple line drawings, based on fixed proportions, and later were extended by the use of random generators. Constructivism, as an art movement, sought to depict modern civilization, the symbiotic relationship…

  • True love

    True love

    Three poster designs – illustrations on lyrics by Ivana Smolovic, part of True love collection for Art a porter!

  • Peace and quiet is for libraries!

    Peace and quiet is for libraries!

    In the 1950s movie All About Eve, written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Margo character played by Bette Davis said: “Peace and quiet is for libraries!” Poster, digital print, 30x40cm



    From time to time I make posters and merch design for band On Tour.

  • Apple galette

    Apple galette

    Everyone deserves their favorite recipe framed on the kitchen wall. Poster, digital print, 30x40cm.

  • Let’s get out of here

    Let’s get out of here

    Do you know what is the most-used piece of dialog in film history?

  • coloring album covers

    coloring album covers

    Single covers design with a special twist for Ika. Inspirisi me event.

  • Trust me…

    Trust me…

    Series of lettering excersises.