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  • A leap, a splash, a walk

    A leap, a splash, a walk

    Part of THE PASSAGE: Pitch Drop experience, an interactive minting experience where your choices determine the design of your token. The artwork and experience draw inspiration from the ‘The Pitch Drop Experiment’: the world’s longest-running laboratory experiment. Since 1927, only nine drops of pitch have fallen, and it has never been witnessed live. While we…

  • suma


    Suma is part of YOU TOPIA exhibition, presented by VerticalCrypto Art at The NFT Gallery in London and New York. Curated by Micol Ap. I’m sure you know what Suma is about. You could say it in English sum, and then it’s an elementary arithmetical problem, the total amount of something that exists. Suma system…

  • Code Weaveresses

    Code Weaveresses

    The initial spark for this piece started with Armin Hofmann’s exercises in style and composition. Just as George Nelson wrote in the preface to Armin’s book Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practices: “Despite all our efforts to simplify things – efforts constantly expanding in order to keep abreast of steadily increasing complexity – nothing is…

  • A Look of sheer delight

    A Look of sheer delight

    A Look of Sheer Delight is an exploration of the possibilities within the confines of the simple algorithm’s narrow frame. Draw a series of similar curves with the code, but carefully place them next to each other, with or without small gaps. Rather than assigning different colors to the curves, constrain the coloration by gradually…



    Undisputably, my mathematical background makes me naturally attracted to graphs, math functions, and transformations. I use math in ways that mathematicians could consider nonsense, but which produce fascinating aesthetic elements for creation (to paraphrase Herbert W. Franke). Combining scientific symbols and illustrations with fictional data produces pseudo-persuasive generative imagery that we can easily take to…

  • chromatlas


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  • The Abstract Truth

    The Abstract Truth

    Moiré patterns meet halftone dots meet cross stitching. Halftone is a term that can refer to both a technology used in image processing and as the synonym for semitone in music. A jazz musician Oliver Nelson released the album The Blues and the Abstract Truth in 1961. It is considered one of the most significant…

  • Algorithmic art

    Algorithmic art

    Course for high school students, developed by an interdisciplinary team (two mathematicians and two digital artists & programmers), produced by Digital Serbia Initiative, Petlja Foundation and UNICEF.

  • Grids & Stripes & Blobs

    Grids & Stripes & Blobs

    Animation, variable dimensions, generative, non-interactive Processing or Javascript (p5.js), HTML, CSS Unique prints, limited edtion of 100, 35x50cm, ploter on Fabriano paper.