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    Undisputably, my mathematical background makes me naturally attracted to graphs, math functions, and transformations. I use math in ways that mathematicians could consider nonsense, but which produce fascinating aesthetic elements for creation (to paraphrase Herbert W. Franke). Combining scientific symbols and illustrations with fictional data produces pseudo-persuasive generative imagery that we can easily take to…

  • chromatlas


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  • The Abstract Truth

    The Abstract Truth

    Moiré patterns meet halftone dots meet cross stitching. Halftone is a term that can refer to both a technology used in image processing and as the synonym for semitone in music. A jazz musician Oliver Nelson released the album The Blues and the Abstract Truth in 1961. It is considered one of the most significant…

  • Algorithmic art

    Algorithmic art

    Course for high school students, developed by an interdisciplinary team (two mathematicians and two digital artists & programmers), produced by Digital Serbia Initiative, Petlja Foundation and UNICEF.

  • Grids & Stripes & Blobs

    Grids & Stripes & Blobs

    Animation, variable dimensions, generative, non-interactive Processing or Javascript (p5.js), HTML, CSS Unique prints, limited edtion of 100, 35x50cm, ploter on Fabriano paper.

  • Svilene gaće

    Svilene gaće

    Solo exhibition Kolarac likovna galerija screen print and digital prints, objects, collage wall installation, interactive sculpture October 2020



    Solo exhibition Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches light kinetic sculpture, animation, photolithography prints, digital prints June 2020

  • Silky algorithm

    Silky algorithm

    Kinetic sculpture 3d print, arduino, step motor dimensions 30 x 30 x 30cm S.U.T.R.A. group exhibition at Museum of Science and Technology / September 2019.

  • Borrow


    Exhibition 63rd Gathering of Art Colony Ecka IMAGE 2018 Zrenjanin, Savremena galerija december – january 2018