Inheriting and/or borrowing among the media is a multilayered activity that is not only reflected in the development of the media, but also in the construction of visual culture. Instagram borrowed a format from the legendary Polaroid SX-70, but besides the format, it also borrowed the style and motives of instant photos: details and weird frames, everyday life and intimacy, blurred photos and washed-out colors… Nowadays, smartphone photography is predominant, and photos are instantly on cloud services or social networks, and remain without materialization in the virtual space.

Works from the series Borrowed are research and dialogue between analogue and digital media. The characteristics of the new media are deconstructed to basic characteristics, and then materialization borrowed from more or less “wrong” or uncharacteristic media. I do not publish a typical Instagram photo on the Internet, and I show the rustling and movement of sedge from the castle Kastel Ecka without film.

Borrow I, 2018
9 objects / photography in white frames, 25×25 cm
Borrow I, 2018
object / plexiglass, colored cellophane, glue, overhead projector, fan, 30 x 30 x 5 cm
Exhibition view